Food Safety in Child Care

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Health and Well-being (4 Hours)
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Planning a safe, healthy, learning environment (4 Hours)

Food safety is very important in a child care setting for many reasons. As you all know, proper nutrition plays a big role in helping kids learn and develop. Healthy foods like lean proteins, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are essential for a growing child. But did you also know that these healthy foods aren't just healthy for kids, they are also healthy for bacteria and other pathogens that can make the kids sick if food safety isn't followed? Yes—often the foods important for our health are some of the most risky from a food safety perspective. That is why learning proper food handling is an important part of any nutrition program.

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Alisha Johnson
Khristi Drabbs (Section 1)
Denise Herman (Section 2)
Anita Bauer (Section 3)

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