To get started, create a new user account on Once logged into the website, view our Course Catalog and make your training selection. All courses can be paid for using your debit or credit card through PayPal. Upon payment, you will automatically be enrolled in the course of your choice. **PLEASE NOTE-it may take up to 12 hours to receive your confirmation email link. If you do not confirm your account within 7 days, your confirmation link will no longer work and you'll have to make a new account. If you want to begin working on a class sooner, just click on the orange question mark in the lower right hand side of the screen and ask us to manually confirm your account.**

All courses on are similarly structured. Courses are comprised of individual modules which each include a self-grading quiz and required learning activity. Some activities require additional research or for the participant to implement a practice at their facility and report on the experience. Enroll in our free Sample Course to explore an actual course. We recommend that all coursework be done on a laptop or desktop computer as to avoid any technical issues pertaining to visual discrepancies, lack of content, and various other issues. 

Participants have 60 days from the date of registration to complete coursework, have the class graded by the instructor within 3 business day, and resubmit any answers toward a passing grade allowing an additional 3 business days for resubmission grading. If you have to resubmit any material, it is required that you message the instructor so that they are aware. In order to avoid being dropped before passing the course, recommends you complete the class at a minimum of at least two weeks prior to the 60 day drop date.

If this is your first time completing a course on, we recommend completing the free Site Tutorial to gain an overall understanding of how to complete and submit a course. The tutorial also provides general technical assistance.

Sample Course

Wondering what courses are like? This is an actual course from our curriculum and will give you an idea of what to expect for content, quizzes, activities and formatting. However, in order to earn the credits that this course provides, you must take the actual paid version, which can be accessed here or select another course from the rest of the course catalog.

Training Credit

Requirements for passing the course to receive the training credit for it.

Site Tutorial

Helpful tutorials to aid in navigating our site.

Site Policies

Students should thoroughly read through our policies before completing a course on (CCT).


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