What's With This Biting?

Knowledge Base
Child Guidance (3 hours)
CDA Content Areas
Supporting children’s social and emotional development (3 Hours)

Biting is a common occurrence among toddlers. Part if this has to do with the development stage toddlers are going through; when they want to assert independence or possession of objects, but haven’t developed enough language skills to properly communicate their wants and needs. What’s with This Biting? is a three-hour, four module course that offers reasons for biting behavior and methods to prevent and curtail it. Topics include the physical attributes that can cause biting, the emotional development of toddlers and how this leads to physical action rather than verbal assertion, what a child care provider can teach toddlers about cause and effect, the environmental factors that lead to confrontation and biting, and positive guidance strategies for communicating with the biting child, the bitten child, and their families. Special attention is paid to writing incident reports and plans of action in order to properly document each occurrence. Biting is an unacceptable action, learn to take proper measures against it and ensure a healthy, safe, and productive environment for all children in care.

Course Author
Pat Adams
Ann Klaas
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