Terrific Twos: A Survival Guide

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Child Growth & Development
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Understanding principles of child development and learning (2 hours)

The age group of “toddler” is also known by another name: “the terrible twos.” Toddlers naturally assert their independence during this stage of development, and while it can be frustrating for parents and child care providers alike, letting the child choose what is right for them is something that can be difficult for the adults in their lives. When and how to balance these choices and setting limits for discipline and safety reasons is an essential aspect of effectively working with toddlers. This two hour course is divided into three modules, each with reading material, activities to conduct within the care facility, and short quizzes. The issues and concerns of raising and caring for toddlers are addressed in this course as methodical lists, and cover major topics such as eating vs. not eating, sleeping and the battle over bedtime, and toilet training.

*Fully Automated: These classes do not offer feedback from an instructor unless you complete the extra credit activity. They are graded automatically and your certificate is available immediately upon the course being successfully completed.

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Renee Bentham
Sharon Rhodes
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