Medication Administration in Child Care - Part I

Attention Montana child care providers! Effective January 1, 2021, this course no longer meets the requirements for the Child Care Licensing Orientation.

Knowledge Base
Health and Well-being (3 Hours)
CDA Content Areas
Planning a safe, healthy, learning environment (3 Hours)

This course will focus on your responsibilities as a provider for administering medication and the purposes of medication. It will also cover the different classifications and routes of medication, and how to properly store and authorize medication.

This course also satisfies the pre-requisite for the STAR 2 requirement of Medication Administration in Child Care - Part 2.

*Fully Automated:These classes do not offer feedback from an instructor unless you complete the extra credit activity. They are graded automatically and your certificate is available immediately upon the course being successfully completed.

Course Author
Shelly Meyer
Char Jones
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