Site Terminology


Assignments are the activities and quizzes that a student must complete for each module in a course.


The breadcrumb is a navigation aid. It is located underneath the Main Menu when inside a course. It keeps track of the user's location and can be used to visit previous pages.


Certificate of Completion
A certificate for successfully completing the course. An overall grade of 70 percent or higher is required to pass the course.
Course Completion Status block
The Course Completion Status block displays the conditions needed to complete the course. It can be accessed from the Course Dashboard.
Course Dashboard
The Course Dashboard has useful tools for checking on your course status. The Gradebook and Course Completion status block are located in the Course Dashboard.
Course Evaluation
The Course Evaluation consists of a series of questions to assess the student’s knowledge and understanding of the course, rate the effectiveness of the course materials, and gather suggestions for improvement on the course and the website.
Course Page
The Course Page is the main page of the course, also known as, the course homepage or course outline. It provides an overview of the different sections of the course and the assignments within each section.


Help (?) button
If you are experiencing problems with our website, or have any questions and/or concerns, use the Help (?) button to contact helpdesk.


My Courses
Courses a user is currently enrolled and can be access are listed in the My Courses dashboard.


Your student profile contains information about yourself. In addition, your student profile also contains a list of courses you have successfully completed and the dates they were completed.
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