Building Partnerships with Families

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Family Community Partnerships (4 Hours)
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Building productive relationships with families (4 Hours)

This course will provide research and data along with relevant information regarding the importance of strong partnerships with families and the benefits such a partnership will bring. The participant will create policies to strengthen the administrative role and practice family friendly communication strategies. When all these elements overlap, the relationships with families deepen, setting the tone for a meaningful, collaborative partnership.

This course requires that you 1) read the content, 2) view the videos provided, 3) implement strategies based on information in the modules and then 4) return to the course to complete reflection activities. Due to these requirements, it is not possible to complete this course in one session.

*Fully Automated: These classes do not offer feedback from an instructor unless you complete the extra credit activity. They are graded automatically and your certificate is available immediately upon the course being successfully completed.

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Sharon Rhodes
Sharon Rhodes
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