New Staff Health and Safety Orientation

Knowledge Base
Health and Well-being (6 Hours)
CDA Content Areas
Planning a safe, healthy, learning environment (6 Hours)
Free for Montana child care providers

Excellence in early childhood education programs is built on a workforce that promotes continuous program improvement, and ongoing professional development is crucial to this process. Montana Child Care Licensing regulations require that individuals hired to work in licensed or registered program complete Orientation training within a specified time frame upon hire, as well as a health & safety review course every 3 years after completing all required Orientation courses. Upon completion of this course, individuals will meet Child Care Licensing rule 37.95.162 (6) Child Care Facilities: Required Annual Training.

We are currently offering two sections of the course. Participants whose last names begin with A-M, please enroll in Section 1. Participants whose last names begin with N-Z, please enroll in Section 2.

Course Author
Rhonda Schwenke
Sharon Rhodes (Section 1)
Khristi Drabbs (Section 2)

Section 1

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Section 2

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*NOTICE: If you are attempting to re-enroll into this course because you were previously dropped for exceeding the 60 day time period, please take a moment and read below:

 You must be re-enrolled by the Child Care Training Help desk. When you contact us, Please include the name of the course, and that you need to be re-enrolled. Otherwise, your course activity will not be pulled up, you will be stuck in the course, and you will not be able to progress. Please see our Policy Page and our FAQS for more information.

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