Open Ended Art: The Power of the Process

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Curriculum (2 Hours)
CDA Content Areas
Advancing children’s physical and intellectual development (2 Hours)

This course explores the key elements and principles around open-ended art, explaining the importance of process over product when it comes to early art experiences. The course explains the stages of art development in the early years and the key principles associated with process-oriented art. Information includes how to plan spaces, provide materials, and implement teaching strategies that support open-ended art experiences. The course also explores ways to include open-ended art in S.T.E.M curriculum. Finally, participants will learn ways to share open-ended art experiences with families.

*Fully Automated: These classes do not offer feedback from an instructor unless you complete the extra credit activity. They are graded automatically and your certificate is available immediately upon the course being successfully completed.

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Sharon Rhodes
Sharon Rhodes
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