Fundamentals of Family, Friend, and Neighbor/Relative Care Exempt Providers Orientation

Knowledge Base
Health and Well-being (2 Hours)
Program Management (2 Hours)
CDA Content Areas
Planning a safe, healthy, learning environment (2 Hours)
Managing an effective program operation (2 Hours)

This course is designed to prepare Family, Friend, Neighbor applicants for participation in the Best Beginnings Child Care Scholarship Program. All Family, Friend, & Neighbor caregivers need to complete this course within sixty (60) days of the approval of their application.

This course can be taken and completed before certification approval.

As a child care provider that is certified by the state to provide care for a recipient of a Best Beginnings Child Care Scholarship, an FFN must understand and integrate current best practices for child care in their home.

This four module course will prepare all participants for becoming an FFN, and impart valuable knowledge about the proper care techniques, business practices, and health information necessary to be legally certified with the state of Montana. Each learning module contains reading material, activities and a short quiz. Some activities may require you to implement a technique in your setting or upload and complete a form. Participants are expected to provide complete and thoughtful answers for all activities.

Topics of this course include health, safety and nutrition for the children in care, child development and well-being, professionalism and business practices, and the best beginnings scholarship program.

After completing this course, FFN applicants should be ready to take the next step into providing care in a manner that is easily documented, and gives the children a quality care environment to grow in.

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Deb Huestis
Khristi Drabbs
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