Infant Safety Essentials

Knowledge Base
Health and Well-being (2 Hours)
CDA Content Areas
Planning a safe, healthy, learning environment (2 Hours)

The purpose of this course is to provide information on keeping infants safe by preventing Shaken Baby Syndrome and implementing Safe Sleep practices. Completion of this course will help you create a Safe Sleep policy and a plan for successfully handling instances when a child is crying inconsolably. It will also provide you with resources to utilize and share with families in your care on both topics.

We are currently offering two sections of the course. Participants whose last names begin with A-K, please enroll in Section 1. Participants whose last names begin with L-Z, please enroll in Section 2.

Course Author
Lauralea Sanks
Denise Herman (Section 1)
Ann Klaas(Section 2)

Section 1

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Section 2

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