The Importance of Healthy Fats for Developing Minds and Bodies

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Health and Well-Being (2 Hours)
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Planning a safe, healthy, learning environment (2 Hours)

As adults we are told that a low-fat diet is healthy, but what is best for the children in our care? Have you ever wondered what the difference is between saturated fat, mono and poly fats, essential fatty acids, etc.? How do we know which foods to avoid or limit, and which foods would be better choices? This course explores the basic differences in the main types of fats in our diets and how they affect growing and developing bodies, which have different dietary needs than a middle-aged body does. We will also look at suggestions on foods we can serve to increase the healthy fats and reduce the unhealthy fats in the diets of the children we serve.

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Khristi Drabbs
Khristi Drabbs
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