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With all my experience this class was much more than I expected. Great refresher and made me realize I had to stand up more for my business.



I enjoyed taking this class online, I was able to think about it more and understand it more than someone just throwing information out there.

—Michael, Montana


I loved this course. I learned a lot from it and I plan on using this information with the children I work with.

—Nora, Montana


Thank you for offering this course and teaching it with people like me in mind. I certainly learned a thing or two that will be valuable to my business record keeping.

—Michele, Colorado


This course was very informative. I learned much about how to correctly wash produce, and which ones are the dirty dozen. This class will be beneficial to all those who take it.

—Sharon, Montana


This course had lots of good ideas to get the children involved in preparing food!

—Kali, Montana


This was by far the most helpful course I have taken. The suggestions and explanations have given me so much insight into what my littles can learn from me. I'm happy to say that I have done a lot of this stuff already, but the stuff I didn't know is going to get me past the barriers I have been running into. Yay! Thank you!!!

—Heidi, Montana


Great class!! I am planning to use several of the dramatic play themes in the near future…Lots of good information and suggestions.

—Kristen, Montana


I learned a lot from the employee handbook and how to write an employee job description.



Thank you very much. This course helped me get back to understanding what it feels like to be a child who needs guidance. It was a great refresher!!

—Genny, Idaho

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